Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lawrence Korb nails it on convicted spy, Jonathan Pollard

This Los Angeles Times article is positively courageous for someone as inside the foreign policy establishment as Lawrence Korb. He used to be considered a far-right Cold Warrior, too. Strange least now it is strange to think about...

It's time to commute Pollard's sentence. The president would not have to pardon him, just commute the sentence to time served, which is a longer time than most people convicted of espionage. I knew most of the information in the article, but did not know even Cap Weinberger, who was the single person most responsible for Pollard's original sentence, has pulled back from his hysteria against Pollard.

I personally detest Pollard and what he did, but there is something detestable about keeping him in jail this long, and some of it in solitary confinement that clearly had an adverse effect on the man's health. It's time. Clinton should have done it, but didn't--he partially pardoned (pardoned only for crimes, not civil actions) the rich criminal, Marc Rich, in a weird bow to even weirder internal Israeli politics--and Bush II didn't either, when he definitely should have.


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