Friday, October 22, 2010

Obama, Fire Tim Geithner, Hire Bob Reich

Robert Reich lays it out pretty clearly. What is probably frustrating to Reich is that he endorsed Obama early and yet, Obama does not return his calls and he waited in vain for the phone to ring after the election--while Obama re-hired banksters like Summers, Geithner and Rubin who helped create the mess.

Obama and his Weimar Democrats don't get it and maybe never will. If people are put upon and feel like the rich have unfair advantages, they will either respond to a New Deal politician or a fascist politician. This article about "The Haves, The Have Nots and the Dreamless Dread" helps people understand this, even though the article does not state that conclusion. The reason I did not say "socialist" candidate is that Americans have been taught for over six decades that "socialism" is whatever you don't like, so our choices are already more limited to those who like me who simply say we need far more significant infrastructure rebuilding, i.e. a New Dealer.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, I wonder if Sharon Angle finally went too far against Harry Reid...who I admittedly predicted at the beginning of this year would go the way of Tom Foley...the Democratic Speaker of the House who lost re-election in the Republican routing of Democrats in 1994. Sharon Angle was supposed to be Reid's gift, but he is having a heck of a time with her, as she is slightly ahead of him in polling right now.

Somehow, he may still squeak through. Somehow...somehow...but this trend in Ohio may be part of the ominous trend nationally...


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