Sunday, October 24, 2010

Outstanding LA Times article: Business not paying their fair share of taxes

Quit yer whining, corporations in California. That's the takeaway from the article in today's Los Angeles Times.

When someone says we don't have money in California to tax any more, remind them:

1. Prop 13 applies to Disneyland as well as a small homeowner. Do a split roll where business gets closer to market property taxes while continuing Prop 13 for us regular folks.

2. California is the only oil producing state with no oil depletion allowance tax. If such a tax is good enough for Sarah Palin, then it's good enough for us in California.

3. Put back the top income tax rates for the State as they were under Republican Governor Pete Wilson in the 1990s (essentially 10% to 11% on the margin). Last I checked, we did not have socialism under Pete Wilson.

Oh, and reform the three strikes criminal law so we're not putting people in jail for life for snorting cocaine or smoking marijuana--and this way we won't have to build more prisons that cost billions. Our state's prison costs eat up 10% of the budget, when 15 to 20 years ago, it was 3% of a much smaller budget.

There, see how simple that was? Of course, you can't speak this way and expect to get elected. I can only pray Jerry Brown, if he wins, will say this in his inaugural speech where he may start to be heard. We can save this State. We can make things better for our citizens and do so in a civilized and humane way that will not really hurt the lifestyles of the rich and famous.


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