Sunday, October 24, 2010

The reason we will find ourselves losing to the Chinese is in the satirical version...

I'm with Mark Kleiman on this one.

The phenomena is the same, though, as with undocumented workers and gays: There is a sizable portion of Americans who are susceptible to propaganda that is based upon how a person looks and their ethnicity or race.

Contrary to the plutocrat's propaganda commercial, there is no threat from "China" or "Chinese" people. There is, however, a stronger-by-the-day chance that our nation's economic power is sinking due to what we're doing to the middle class in this nation, and sorry, folks, it's not Social Security or "taxes" that are burdening the middle class. Instead, it is endless, unnecessary wars that cost us trillions of dollars. It is the lack of private sector unions that would put more money into the hands of workers instead of their bosses. It is the lack of a rationalized health insurance system (Medicare for All). It is the loss of an industrial base where millions of Americans who are semi and unskilled can find decent employment on a regular basis, and it is because we are not investing in rebuilding our infrastructure.

How about that as something simple to say in a political campaign? Think Harry Reid could say that to Sharon Angle, to take one example? So far, Reid hasn't. And he wonders why he is losing to that ridiculous person...

Still, the phenomenon I also spoke about the Creative Class is at work again in that great parody of the deficit hawk commercial.


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