Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great article on decline of labor movement and rise of income inequality

There is a new and great article in Mother Jones magazine by Kevin Drum, who has redeemed himself recently with his trenchant attacks on those who want to "reform" Social Security. He recognizes that the decline in labor unions has increased income inequality more than any single factor in American life.

The charts are also outstanding.

The one thing Kevin does not do is propose a program. But the program is pretty clear:

1. Pass labor law reform to allow card check;

2. Rebuild infrastructure with prevailing wages and let the labor unions form with the new laws;

3. Put into place new tariffs designed to begin to restore our industrial capacity (which means getting the heck out of the NAFTA and WTO and demanding they reform to become more humane); and

4. Medicare for All. This frees business and workers from having to deal with each other when they don't want to, and people will not be forced to stay somewhere or go to somewhere to get medical benefits.

Those are the main answers. Others can think of others, but if those are not included, well, then it's not serious from a public policy standpoint. Too bad my solutions are not "serious" to the political class or economic elite in this country...

And also today, Robert Reich has something to say about the Republican Shakedown and the continuing failure of what I call Weimar Democrats.


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