Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just the beginning?

Let's hope this series of protests these past several days is just the beginning of the push for labor unions across the nation--and especially for reviving labor unions in the private sector.

What is good for union workers is most often good for non-union workers,too. One can draw a correlation between levels of unionizing which hits 1/3rd of the workforce and strong protection of workers overall. When unions fall to 10% of the work force, workers suffer.

What would be great about a revived private sector union movement is we are finally passed much of the overt racism that pervaded our larger culture, which had made a mockery of many pro-labor laws passed during the Progressive Era. Even then, however, progressive labor laws and labor unions nonetheless improved many people's lives, including the lives of some minorities. Certainly, those black males who were railroad porters received a benefit from unionizing. Just ask A. Philip Randolph...

ADDENDUM: And it just got more interesting in Wisconsin, as police have decided they are not kicking out the protesters from the Capitol building in Madison. Kind of like the military in Egypt. Governor Walker may yet follow through on his initial threat to call out the National Guard. But what happens if the National Guard acts like the police officers? Hmmmm....Obama is not likely to help if he values what is left of his Democratic Party constituency...May other Republican Governors come to Governor Walker's rescue with other State troops? And if they may, will they?

Stay tuned...


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