Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shep Smith: Off the FoxNews Reservation...Again

Shep Smith nails it. See here.

And watch how Juan Williams stays on message for FoxNews, when he's supposed to be the "liberal."

The one statement Williams made that was a clearly false was to make it sound like only Democrats gave in to the public employee unions. I know for a fact that it was conservative Republicans in Orange County, San Diego County and San Diego City government who gave lavish pension deals in the past 15 years to public employee unions. They did it to buy them off to support their true constituents, which were and remain private real estate developers and sports magnates. "Malarkey," as Shep Smith said about a related point.

Shep's one strange statement was that somehow a Founder of our Constitution supposedly said government employees can't unionize., Shep. Not an issue they talked about one way or the other.


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