Saturday, June 25, 2011

Barack Hoover Obama continues his tone-deaf re-election campaign

President Obama delivered a pathetic weekly speech this morning. Watch it here.

He sounds more like Herbert Hoover every day, imploring business to invest in the US and American workers when everything has shown him that business won't do that at all. They will pocket any tax cuts for themselves and do nothing to stimulate the economy--and for the rational reason that there is no demand for further goods and services and because workers have been left beggared by the Great Recession. Meanwhile, our infrastructure continues to crumble and our president takes a slow boat toward removal of troops from Afghanistan (after the partial withdrawal, there will still be more troops in Afghanistan than when he took up residence at the White House).

Think my comparison to Hoover is not reasonable? Read Hoover's speech to the nation in 1931, particularly the first two paragraphs and the section entitled "The Domestic Situation." There are more of these speeches during the period of 1930 through 1932 that are not on the web, but snippets can be found in Frederick Lewis Allen's brilliant histories "Only Yesterday" (1931) and "Since Yesterday" (1940).*

And President Obama's political tone-deafness continues. Hear what business he is touting in the address? A robotics company that would replace what would be semi-skilled workers. Has this president not even read "Player Piano"? In terms of emotional power, it was a "downer" speech. As I said, tone-deaf...

President Obama is obviously running a campaign where he hopes to be re-elected on the strength of the wackiness of the Republican Presidential Nominee. He is, as I have said in the past, a Weimar Democrat who is managing America's decline. The problem as I have also said is that the Republicans' policy answers are to hasten that decline. That is the essence of our choices among the two major parties in next year's elections. It is a sad choice and a sadder state of affairs for our once powerful nation.

* I first wrote about Allen's work and how Obama is acting like Hoover here.

ADDENDUM: The twin re-election campaign songs for Obama: "Proclamation" and "Valedictory." Gentle Giant continues to inspire!


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