Sunday, June 05, 2011

Get some popcorn and don't worry yet about Republican presidential primaries...

The corporate owned media is filled with all this wasted circus-like talk about Republican presidential primaries. In the new world of 24/7 corporate media, which now includes the Internet for at least the top half of likely voters who read at least some "news" on the Internet, things move and change quickly. And what that has meant, perhaps counter-intuitively, is that candidates can come out of the woodwork later in the game, as with the rising star, Herman Cain, or later this summer, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The names of any of these actual or potential Republican candidates simply do not matter. What is already clear is that any candidate must at least successfully feign insanity and take insane positions to win the nomination. Cain, a wanna be Trump sort of politician-businessman, is better than Trump at this, but even he has limits. He just told a reporter yesterday that Bachmann and Pawlenty were doing the "ultimate pander" when including prayers in their speeches at the Faith conference that Republican stalwarts set up. While we doubt that will dim Cain's star, it does show a propensity that might create problems for Cain when the corporate media decide to give him more attention.

Meanwhile, poor Mitt Romney is finding that people don't believe him because...well, he's not insane. From time to time, he tries to be insane, but his flip-flops are because he keeps having to run away from sane things he has said in the past that won't play with the new insane Republican-radio-talk-show-FoxNews universe. Just yesterday, though, Mitt committed sanity regarding climate change--and did it by re-affirming his position, not flip-flopping. And while he did flip around on the health care plan he pushed through as governor of Massachusetts half a decade ago, I think he is finally admitting it really is just like Obama's. The ultimate irony is that the plan is something his Republican father, the long-deceased George Romney, would have rejected as too conservative forty-five years ago (By the way, I love that Mitt reveres his father, as his father really was a good and solid citizen.*).

Romney the Son has made one realization that is remarkably counter-intuitive. He realizes the only way to reach the angry white working class and religious people in the Republican Party is to run to Obama's left on the deplorable state of joblessness in America. He did it again yesterday, castigating Obama that people without jobs are not a "bump in the road," as Obama said in his speech on Friday. It's all rhetoric of course, and Romney is not likely to propose a New Deal solution. Still, it is worth remarking once again about Obama's elitist tonedeafness. As with Obama's true ancestor, Herbert Hoover, such tonedeafness becomes more appalling every day.

My advice to readers is to step back from reading, listening or watching too much about the Republican Party jockeying. If we do encounter it, as I finally decided to do this weekend, we should simply make sure we're eating some popcorn or my favorite, M&M's, and treat the jockeying as the insane spectacle it has become. And let's not be surprised if the candidate the Republicans next year is not someone officially running now.

* But before we get too misty-eyed, let's remember Mitt is a modern Republican, which means he really would work to kill Social Security and Medicare. What angers me is that Obama feels the same way, and is just itching at the chance to please his financier donors in doing so. If she were alive, Obama's mother would be appalled.


At June 7, 2011 at 2:56:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Paulr said...

"Obama feels the same way, and is just itching at the chance to please his financier donors in doing so."
I would differentiate between "itching to" & "being pressured to". Like Clinton, he took the wheel of a train going very fast in the wrong direction - a hard turn is not a good idea - I think he is trying to get it straightened out without wrecking the whole thing.


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