Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mike Hiltzik takes on GOPers "moral" challenge

Mike Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times Business section socks it to an also ran GOP presidential candidate--Jon Huntsman--who said that anyone opposing the dopey Ryan plan had a "moral responsibility" to propose an alternative. What cocoon has Huntsman been living in to not know there are "moral" alternatives to Ryan's plan, the same Ryan plan that cuts benefits for poor, elderly and women in general, and rewards the wealthy and large corporations, and keeps funding foreign imperial wars?

I mean, really, Huntsman gets space in the Wall St. Journal op-ed page to ask a question that begs someone to rhetorically sock him square in the face? How pathetic.

We know that Medicare for All does a better job of reining in costs, administering insurance and providing universal access to health care. It is only politics, meaning lobbying by the wealthy special interests of doctors, hospitals, insurers and banks who control insurance companies who buy the congress members and influence the way corporate media covers the issue. Chuck Todd and John King (forget the obvious FoxNewers for a moment) know where to stand, how to sit up and beg and know what NOT to say in order to get their paychecks. They need nobody to threaten or even suggest to them how to protect those interests that pay for political advertising and advertising in general for their networks--and who owns their networks.


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