Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ah, just read it in today's Los Angeles Times!

The LA Times is truly interesting today:

First up, there are two great reviews of new non-fiction in the Los Angeles Times Book Review section:

One is on Babe Zaharias, the greatest American woman athlete we barely know, but should know more about, as Mike Downey rightly says.

The other is about the rise and growth of government built and sponsored highways in the 20th Century. It sounds like this book is a great companion to Jane Holtz Kay's amazing and jarring "Asphalt Nation."

Then, please read the fun article about the rise and fall of drive-in film theaters. I am not sure what my children would make of such an article as they did not experience the sensation of being at a drive-in, either as children or teens. It may seem like a description of being in a stagecoach in the late-19th Century.

Finally, a most intriguing obituary about Anne LaBastille, an outdoors feminist woman who deserves more coverage than even the wonderfully written obituary provided her. In fact, I'd say she deserves a movie about her life and times...Or maybe it's about two young society women in the early 20th Century American West, as in this review at

BONUS POINT: And did I say Doonesbury was masterful today? No? Well, read it.


At July 14, 2011 at 7:06:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Paulr said...

Mike Downey was a sports writer for the Detroit Free Press, as I recall. He would do funny columns of one-liners. I think one was "I bet John Darling & Rob Deer call each other by their first names"


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