Friday, July 29, 2011

Jon Stewart's latest and greatest...

Here is Jon Stewart's meditation on the way in which FoxNews held the Christian fundamentalist mass murderer to a different standard than a Muslim mass murderer, and how that double standard relates to the generally poisonous discourse emanating from FoxNews against something the media operation calls "liberals"--all the while complaining that something called "conservatives" or "Americans" are the real victims.

Note the montages he uses which show how FoxNews propaganda works, with their use of generalized, declarative sentences, and promotion of endless books that attack "liberals."

I often find, when I speak with people who claim to hate "liberals," that their definition of a "liberal" is less about public policy than something that the particular people happen to hate in different particulars. If one shows people who hate "liberals" that a "conservative" holds the same view as a "liberal" on the subject they are hopped up about, the response they give is often, to take one example, "McCain's not really a 'conservative'."

The underlying structure is "liberal=bad, conservative=good." That sort of formulation wears deep into our electorate, when repeated ad nauseum over a period of years. It is a noteworthy point when we analyze the substance of the discourse in our nation at this moment in our nation's history.


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