Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spraying to different fields on a Wednesday morning...

Mark Cuban, a main entrepreneurial hero of mine, lays out a succinct and brilliant case for ending process patents and software patents. I was against process patents way back in the 1990s because I thought (Cuban agrees) it would stifle competition. Software patents were something that also bothered me as I did not understand why copyright was not good enough. Cuban says the same thing--in a declarative way.

Here is an interesting analysis from the Federal Reserve Board in San Francisco about what is made in China and what is not as far as American consumer purchases are concerned. The analysis gives us more subtlety to consider as we attempt to redevelop the nation, but actually proves that with respect to making things, China in fact is where a lot of things are made. The economists get to their conclusion that only 3% of goods are "made" in China by including services and transportation as being "made" here. While it's nice to confirm how much local mark up, sales and transportation costs there are, it is still misleading to declare that only 3% of "goods" American consumers buy are "made in China."

I'm disappointed that Doug Henwood thinks this analysis is not misleading...Henwood should know better what the butterfly effect of the durables and clothing manufacturing numbers show...Perhaps Doug is worried about the coming right wing attack on China with the usual racist overlay. I don't hate China or Chinese. I do hate that our nation's leaders in both political parties have no policy to promote industrialization in the USA and in fact seem to promote, in a variety of ways, de-industrialization.

And in Wisconsin, close, close, but not far least not yet. Walker should be hearing some loud footsteps for his unbridled attacks on union workers and unions.

Finally, a sad story about what happens when Roe v. Wade is overruled and why Mitt Romney should have run for president in the Democratic Party primary against Obama (at least he talks about jobs, unlike Obama)...

BONUS CUBAN: Read it here. I love the way this particular business guy thinks. It's not that I fully agree with him on his solutions, but they are rational, smart and offer room for compromise in practical terms. Would that there be Congressmen and pundits who are as sharp eyed as Cuban. Mark, please buy my beloved Dodgers when the Dodgers are finally ordered on the market!


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