Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Yup. Greenwald's correct...again.

Read it here.

The only words that we can legitimately conjure up to vote for Obama in 2012 are: Supreme Court. But really, other than that, what is there to vote for? The guy is the new Hoover. The new Weimar chancellor. He has no idea how to be a president, particularly during a continuing economic crisis for so many working families.

I wish he and Biden would just get out of the way. Please resign fellas, if you have any decency. Please resign. Let people see what Republican governance is like for a year and give the frayed grass roots inside the Democratic Party a chance to nominate someone who would roar about what has happened to the middle class and what needs to be done to restore American greatness.

A pipe dream, I know. But the rage is real.


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