Friday, January 27, 2012

Conservatives in corporate media attacking Gingrich to save Romney

This article is fairly remarkable because it misleads people into thinking most of these conservative pundits and operatives have been "lukewarm" for Romney, when in fact they have been supporting Romney for months and months now. They know their marching orders from the donors who sustain them and nurture them: Romney is the elite Republican Party choice and they will follow that order.

These same Republican pundits and operatives in the corporate media are very happy that Santorum is fading away (no money equals no publicity for any candidate other than Ron Paul) so that it is just down to Gingrich and Romney--with Ron Paul a nerve-twitching irritant.

The question is whether Gingrich can in fact be stopped if he wins the upcoming Florida primary. If Gingrich wins in Florida, or it is a tight race with Romney barely winning, then Plan B, as I've talk about weeks ago, will swing fully and openly into operation. Favorite sons and daughters will suddenly appear on the ballots of any remaining primaries (and there are plenty of primaries), whether write ins or otherwise, talk of brokered convention will be in the air among these same pundits and operatives, and Jeb Bush (the favorite candidate of the brokered convention) will write, or have written for him, more articles in newspapers like this.

One more thing to ponder: The elites in both wings of the Property Party (Gore Vidal's phrase for the Democratic and Republican Parties) fear Ron Paul because he does not support the Empire. If Gingrich is defeated too early, then Ron Paul becomes the "last man standing" against Romney, and Paul is a perfect vehicle for many right wing populists to register their disdain against the elitist choice, i.e. Romney. That is a dangerous thing for the economic elite because Ron Paul will continue to critique the Empire, rail against excessive military and agribusiness spending as well as Social Security and well nearly anything the government spends money on, and his socially conservative positions on abortion and even gays will start to get a hearing.



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