Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Amazing Randi

Randi. James Randi.

See the trailer (tip o' the hat to PZ Myers, science blogger extraordinaire) for what will be a great documentary once it is completed. I first heard of James Randi in the early 1980s when I learned about the Skeptical Inquirer. Randi had also somewhat earlier gone after Uri Geller, a popular "psychic," and exposed him. Geller eventually sued Randi in 1991, but Randi ultimately prevailed and won costs against Geller.

Randi is a national treasure and one hopes the documentary is one that can be shown in various school science classes once it is completed.

ADDENDUM: Love that YouTube! Here is an earlier documentary, which deals in part with Uri Geller and a local Southern California evangelical healer, Peter Popoff. I remember the latter in real time, and hate to say Popoff was wounded, but never really went away...


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