Sunday, February 12, 2012

Give the kid a break. He's trying to live in the world you bankers and financiers have made.

So the bankers are laughing at this kid who wrote a hubris-laden cover letter for a job with JP Morgan?

Seems to me the kid is working very hard, and trying to be exactly the type of person who he sees succeed on Wall Street.

I'd have given the young person an interview, and found out whether he is teachable for a sensibility not so transparent. But one thing we know is that if we gave him (I assume it's a he and not a she) an assignment, it will be done and done well. He'll take the hill, in other words.

But since Wall Street bankers love ridicule as part of their rituals, they'd rather send around his letter and embarrass him--rather than, again, find out more about this young person and give him a chance for growth.

You know, if a revolution does finally occur in our land, especially the far more likely right wing or libertarian oriented revolution, the heads of these bankers will still end up on pikes. And their assistants or secretaries will be the ones who ratted on them and told the revolutionaries where to find them. The one thing the Tea Party and Occupy Wall St. folks really have in common is rage. I just happen to think the Occupy folks' rage is more properly directed at the real power base in this nation.


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