Monday, March 05, 2012

The horror, Post Office CEO makes as much as 1/30th of UPS CEO

Jon Tester, idiot Democratic Party Senator from Montana, is making an issue that the CEO of the Post Office makes $384,000 a year when the Post Office is running a deficit over several billion.

Instead of pushing to change the ridiculous law that forced the Post Office to pre-fund its pensions for the next 75 years in only 10 years--something no other company or government agency has had to do--and which, if changed, would cause most if not all of the deficit to disappear, Tester is making the noise of a demagogue in attacking the Post Office CEO.

Tester is cynically ignoring the fact that UPS' CEO makes over $10 million a year with less employees, less locations and less oversight responsibilities, or that FedEx's CEO makes $7.2 million with even less locations and less employees and oversight responsibilities.

Shame on Tester. I had such hope for Tester when he was first elected Senator in 2006. He's been a nothing as a Senator, clearly out of his league, and now he's stooping to demagoguery to play on the corporate media drumbeat of inefficient and bloated government--when it is simply not true in the case of the Post Office.

Again, shame on you, Jon Tester. If Tester really had any guts, he'd say:

"Why should the CEOs of FedEx and UPS make 20-30 times as the head of the Post Office when each of them has less employees, less locations and less responsibilities? Why this level of economic disconnect between the top and lowest wage workers at UPS and FedEx? And why should the Post Office fund its pensions 75 years in advance when UPS and FedEx don't have to do that? When we compare the Post Office, which delivers mail for 45 cents anywhere in the USA, Alaska and Hawaii included, and does so much more for less for the consumer, we ought to be proud of our Post Office system and do what's right to change the 2006 law on funding pensions so its profitability will be seen by all!"

But no, Tester wants a gig at FoxNews as the Democratic Party "moderate scold," I suppose...


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