Sunday, March 11, 2012

Israeli leaders warming up the region for more war...

I find it interesting when Israeli leaders like Netanyahu suddenly decide to kill Palestinians with significant bombing. See also this article about a targeted Israeli assassination of another Hamas leader and this arrest of two Hamas leaders after breaking into a Red Cross building back in late January of this year.

I searched in vain for any marked increase in rockets being fired into Israel from non-Hamas militants before the latest Israeli barrage began several days ago. Instead, I read about how Hamas said it has no interest in helping the Iranians, who Hamas has been moving away from and toward, for example, Turkey.

So why antagonize Hamas now, other than to create a climate of war--knowing the Israelis can easily kill Palestinians even while engaged in war with Iran.

Netanyahu is certainly wanting war with Iran, in a way that is as nearly apocalyptic as we've seen in some time. He won't get his apocalypse even if he attacks Iran, but there will be mayhem, murder and general killing, and maybe even a blowback event inside our nation. The end result will set back the Iranian nuclear program, but the cost seems ridiculously high. When an ex-Mossad chief goes public with his own view that Iranian leaders are not so daft as to avoid the reality of nuclear weapons and self-destruction when used in the manner Israeli propagandists are saying, that ought to be more noticed.

Again, this latest outbreak of violence in Gaza and Israel is more likely a sideshow or dress rehearsal for a larger war that Netanyahu continues to try to create, but more likely won't get away with creating.


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