Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obama makes a solid pick for World Bank President

Jim Kim, president of Dartmouth, is one of the good guys. To choose him as head of the World Bank is a significant improvement over the usual elitists who don't give two shakes about poverty--and show no curiosity or knowledge as to how poverty increases or decreases, and why it persists in various places throughout the world.

Dr. Kim has a genuine desire to do something about infectious diseases that ravage poor people based upon his own experiences treating people with various infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS. He has worked with people in NGOs on the ground levels and in management levels.

Now if Dr. Kim would only reach out to folks like Darmouth alum John Cavanagh, Lori Wallach and Jose Antonio Ocompo.

While it may be too much to ask the World Bank to get beyond its privitization fetish and overly zealous fealty to extreme capitalist finance theories, one may see an increase in microlending, a better economic analysis as to how to effectively respond to climate change and maybe at least a sympathetic analysis of the sort of public sector success stories that have occurred in places like Brazil, to take one prominent example.

Amusing aside: Kim showed a great sense of humor and a surprising humility to sing and dance--and rap--at a Dartmouth Idol show.


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