Sunday, April 22, 2012

Greenwald: civil liberties are definitely under attack under Obama

Greenwald's post is must reading.

Why are we voting for Obama again? Is it really enough that Romney would harass women about abortions and all of us about contraception? Is it enough to save an already politicized Supreme Court that already believes Rush Limbaugh is the ultimate authority on constitutional history?

I think it is time to start a more effective and helpful dialogue by saying "No" to both Obama and Romney, and talk more about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, the Green and Libertarian candidates. They at least can have the important argument about labor and capital, and have an agreement that there is no government "right" to spy and harass us for our political views, and agree that it's time to end the imperial wars in Afghanistan and get out the remaining troops from Iraq, and yes, some other places, too. And both would be against the current crop of trade deals that are really designed to protect and promote corporate power at the expense of workers, though Johnson would really let 'er rip in terms of open borders. Yes, let's at least have that argument instead of the racist arguments we have to endure from most Republican candidates.

It is ridiculous for any Democratic Party supporter to suggest that Obama is anything other than a Bush clone, and sometimes even worse, with respect to civil liberties issues.


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