Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hillobama, Inc.

This AP article at Yahoo! says the Clintons and Obamas are forming an even deeper alliance. No surprise for MF Blog readers. In 2008, when there was so much vitriol passing among Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters, I was calling the two candidates by the single name: Hillobama.

The Clintons have the same corporate Democratic Party attitudes as Obama, and vice-versa. All three would not know a labor union if they fell over one. Both despise the very presence of a Rich Trumka in any room where decisions have to be made. All three love their banker-financier advisers from Bob Rubin to Tim Geithner to Jack Lew.

Arguing about women with Republicans is what they live for, as it allows them to be passionate about something. But we are all poorer when we lose sight of the issues affecting both men and women in the working and middle classes, when our infrastructure continues to weaken and be neglected, and when our nation's industrial base continues to rot away.

Count on it: The Clintons and Obama don't care about those economic and nation-building/nation sustaining issues. They are essentially the same as Romney.

The difference is only Romney's willingness to oppress women's autonomy over their bodies. That's a big issue, but it speaks loudly about our nation's ridiculous discourse that it should even be an issue at all.


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