Friday, May 18, 2012

Wow. Israeli positively reviews Beinart's book in the NYRB

I don't think this fellow who reviewed Peter Beinart's fairly brave book would be welcome at my or most other temples or synagogues in the US. Likud-occupied territory, ya know...

What I have been saying to Likud supporters in the US is that ten years from now, the more knowledgeable Likud observers will realize this very moment of the past two years was the moment that could have saved Israel from itself. And they will realize that Obama failed to stand up to AIPAC, Bibi and his cohorts.

While I believe there is some limited hope with the Mofaz deal with Bibi, I am of the view that Mofaz may simply be capitulating to Bibi's Greater Israel without the religious right baggage that so offends the American, wealthy, culturally liberal Likud Party stalwart. More money flows into Bibi's friends' pockets and their industries, and the Palestinians continue to be oppressed. Win-win for the Likud supporters in the US, one supposes, but bad for Israel in the longer run.


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