Friday, June 15, 2012

Must see Jon Stewart segment...again

Stewart nails three issues at once: (1) Republican fealty to bankers that is beyond self-parody (at one point, Stewart just looks at the camera with a face that implies there is nothing left to mock); (2) Republican corruption from banker contributions; and (3) Republican recklessness, where they water down legislation so it is not as effective as it should be in regulating abuses, and then complain that the legislation is not effective in regulating abuses.

That Democratic Party leaders from Obama on down are subject to (1) and (2), and often (3) is just another reason to be depressed. But there is still something to be said about the Republican leaders in terms of those tendencies. It is so extreme, so over the top as to be impervious to satire. All that is left are direct quotes and ridicule.

The two funniest and most penetrating lines from Stewart were his last line about breaking "s**t" and the line that explained the difference between losing money, as JP Morgan did, and spending money, as in building a highway. This was a difference that Republican Senators did not grasp.

Overall, the Stewart commentary exposes once again the sad state of affairs for anyone who believes in the very idea of "public policy."


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