Saturday, June 23, 2012

The woman behind Paul Krugman

Robin Wells is one of the great unsung economists. Here is a rare interview with her from PBS.

It was noted in a great New Yorker article some years ago that she is Paul Krugman's muse. She really taught him why we live in outrageous times in terms of elite control of our economy. She helped him understand the need to be outraged about the ignorance and arrogance of the international banking and corporate elite, and how they will always want everything their way, all the time, and really have no values that are not predatory and grasping.

And as someone around their age, I'll say this: Robin is pretty! Good for you, Paul!

Finally, here was my post about that New Yorker article, where I reminded readers that Paul Krugman would not have been in the position he is today had he not initially been a player who believed in the rhetoric of "free trade" and the Reaganite-Clintonite nostrums that continue to do so much damage to our nation. Robin ruined his chances to become Timothy Geithner, and good for her. We need Krugman's voice more than we needed another banker-wanker for Obama to have chosen.

Addendum: I forgot to also link to Krugman's and Wells' latest article in the NY Review of Books. I think Krugman realizes his wife deserves more notice and more credit. He made sure to include her as co-author of a recent textbook they wrote, too.


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