Monday, October 22, 2012

Fascinating obits about George McGovern from The American Conservative

A friend sent me links to these two articles from The American Conservative about George McGovern.

The two articles explain what I was actually getting at in my own novel about RFK surviving, which is the alchemy of political views and how a liberal like McGovern could actually speak a language that appealed to people who think of themselves as conservative--but for the way in which corporate media and right wing think tanks shape the discourse in our nation today.

Bill Kaufman, who wrote the first linked to article above, is actually someone I can find common ground with, as did the late Gore Vidal, who once wrote an introduction to one of Kaufman's books. His article on McGovern brought a tear to my eye as he really gets what McGovern's true appeal should have been the first time around, and is why I so admired McGovern as a young teen who believed deeply in public service, in our nation and its inherent greatness.

It is not that I don't believe in those things today. It is, however, that I feel our leaders and corporate media pundits do not believe in these things. If they did, they would recognize how bad our trade deals have been, how we need to restore our manufacturing base and re-develop our infrastructure. Instead, I was treated to Lawrence O'Donnell late last week attacking the very idea of tariffs and protectionist policies, as he was completely oblivious as to China's, Brazil's and South Korea's use of tariffs to economically develop their respective nations. O'Donnell is a putz on this issue, but it is par for the course in corporate media.


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