Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A dissenter among Israeli officials speaks out--anonymously

Read it here in Yediot Achronot, a major Israeli newspaper.

And here is a former military intelligence official recognizing that Netanyahu and his right wing allies have forsaken the two-state solution to the peril of Israel as a nation.

It is high past time to tell those who support the current Israeli government here in the U.S. that they are sowing the seeds of destruction of Israel in the guise of being "hawks." For when the Arabs decide there is no more two state solution, and those who want to boycott Israel can point to Netanyahu as no longer supporting the two state solution, the binationalist movement will have what it needs to isolate and undermine support for Israel in Western Europe and even the U.S. itself.

As I have said, ten years from now, the lament from these same hawks will be that they did not listen to Obama's advisers, including Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary Clinton and Dennis Ross when there was an opportunity to create peace with Palestinian leaders. And they will doubly lament the manner in which Netanyahu made Abbas look foolish for thinking he could negotiate peace with successive Israeli governments.

But, they will claim: Who could have foreseen the future? Who could have known?


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