Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Digby needs to stop making people think she invented the phrase "the village" regarding permanent residents of DC

Digby is again tooting her horn about her "contribution" to our dialogue by talking derisively about the permanent elite in Washington, DC as "The Village."

This time, though, Digby recognizes that in 1998, Sally Quinn had used the phrase in a homespun way, while Quinn was attacking the Clintons. Nonetheless, Digby is still misleading her readers into believing she was the first to use the phrase in an ironic, sarcastic manner.

I emailed her a year or so ago about the fact that Gore Vidal was publicly and consistently using this phrase to describe the denizens of DC back in the 1980s in that exact same sarcastic, ironic manner. Digby never responded, and yet here she goes again...I love Digby and think extremely highly of her, but this is wrong of her, and she knows better.

Heck, when I was writing my novel in the late 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s (my book was first published in May 2003), I was using the phrase "the village" in the book to describe those elite residents of DC, thinking it was already widely known. See pages 203, 405 and 571 of the original hardcover version of my book. Yet, Digby says she started using the phrase in that manner in 2004.

I'm not saying Digby ever saw let alone read any portion of my book. I am saying that Vidal and others were using that phrase quite regularly in the 1980s and especially in the 1990s. It was not original to me and, frankly, I thought it so well known that I never thought it was necessary to cite Vidal or anyone as the parent of that phrase.

However, in light of the confusion Digby has sown over this phrase, she should at least alert her readers that Gore Vidal was more the parent of that phrase than she is...


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