Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aaron Swartz: Martyr for open access to government and academic papers

Aaron Swartz was an interesting sort of genius. I have mixed emotions about freeing even academic papers, let alone someone's books. But I do get his opening up of documents filed on PACER, which is the system for filing legal papers in federal court cases. If I can review these public documents at any federal courthouse, why not on the Internet?

There is a pattern here that needs to be said more than it is, and I am fine adding my voice: The Bush II-Obama administrations' have an unhealthy hatred toward those who wish to free up what should be public information. Bradley Manning is being treated as if he was a terrorist and Aaron Swartz was being prosecuted as if he was a murderer when even the owner of the academic papers' archive did not want to press charges against him.

See this and this for personal eulogies concerning Swartz...And this article from Alternet makes clear the political angle that Obamabots should be really concerned about...

And finally, this Rick Perlstein post is a knockout. I had no idea this young man was this well read and am sorry to say I missed his name among the unofficial editors of Perlstein's great book, "Nixonland."


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