Friday, January 04, 2013

Ha'aretz articles that do not show up in American broadcast corporate media

Israeli writer Zeev Sternell lays out the implications of the Likud and it right wing allies in refusing to recognize a Palestinian state.

I too have often noted the disconnect between Israeli polling on withdrawing from the territories and the way in which Israelis vote. It convinced me long ago that Israelis vote with their fears, and poll with their hopes. It belies the macho hawkishness one sees in too many Israelis who move here to the US.

This article too by former Shin Bet security chief Diskin about Netanyahu's inner self is interesting. Considering the phony pop psychology that the media indulged in against Al Gore during the 2000 election, and the manner in which Charles Krauthammer indulges in that sort of stuff on a regular basis, I guess it's fine to put that shoe on the other foot for once. Where I think Diskin is correct, however, is that Netanyahu has long had the instincts of a political figure who wavers and will switch positions for political gain. I had hoped that would make him like Nixon, to "Go to China," meaning to make a peace deal with an enemy. However, in this last term, Netanyahu has fought against that in a manner that seems like he is trying to please his now deceased right wing father. I have been deeply disappointed that Netanyahu has refused to "Go to China" when there is a clear opportunity to create the basis of a lasting peace with the Palestinians. I have concluded he really thinks he is in the end game of taking over most of the West Bank and that is what drives his avoiding policies that would lead to peace.


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