Sunday, January 20, 2013

Naftali Bennett, the James Polk of Israel or the new Elazar ben Yair?

Read it here at the New Yorker.

What Remnick's New Yorker article makes clear is that the reason folks like Bennett and his minions don't want to talk peace with the Palestinians, including Abbas, is that they now believe they have enough settlers in the West Bank--over 400,000 of them--to see their ultimate goal in sight, which is the annexation of the West Bank with a Jewish majority. The line "No Palestinians to talk to..." is revealed as a ruse. People like Bennett are saying, there is no two-state solution, give us another generation of settlement building, even with some terrorist acts committed against Israel, and the Palestinians will have to eventually leave or accept second level citizen status. The fellow quoted in the article who says pay each Palestinian $500,000 to leave shows further why this view has gained prevalence--and shows again how much the situation has changed.

The 1993 Oslo Accords sure look like a hoax on the Palestinians, with the great expansion of settlements that followed. However, the Palestinians and their leaders bear their own contribution to this situation by not following the peaceful disobedience route of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi as opposed to the rockets and terrorist attacks.

The article reveals too that it is naive for any of us here in the USA to refuse to see the significance of the E-1 expansion announcement from the perspectives of both Bennett and the Palestinians. The trend is clear and the goal is again being openly talked about through Bennett, which is to complete the annexation of the West Bank once there are enough settlements to form a Jewish majority in that region.

Either Bennett will be the James Polk of Israel, or else he will lead Israeli Jews to another Masada. See here for another article on the Battle at Masada.

I personally think Bennett is the leader of the zealots of the new Masada.

In ten years, Bennett will be seen as the human emblem of the banner that reads "Missed Moment." However, before he succeeds in creating the new Masada, American Jews will have already abandoned Israel in disgust, disappointment and frustration as Peter Beinart has warned.

Not a pretty picture before the Israeli elections....


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