Saturday, February 02, 2013

The politics of Israel-Palestine spill over again onto American campuses

Glenn Greenwald has the story in detail. See here. Poor Brooklyn College. Caught up in the storm of the 100 years war. I am against the BDS movement myself, though I find that as the Likudniks and their allies get more comfortable with explicitly calling for a one-state solution, Israel, over the Palestinians, they are enabling the BDS movement, which also stands for a one-state solution, but one based purely on demographics, which will eventually favor the Arabs over Jews.

Ideologues like Alan Dershowitz look worse and worse in these matters. Greenwald catches Dershowitz in enough inaccuracies as to call into question Dershowitz's good faith. Readers of this blog know about Dersh and how bad he gets when it comes to matters of Israeli policies, and this is really no surprise. It's still sad, though.


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